dogCaring for your carpet
New carpet today can be a large investment. Proper care will insure that it looks great for years to come.

Use of entry mats
Entry mats should be used at all entrances to remove soil and moisture from shoes. It is also more beneficial to actually wipe feet on the mat rather than just walk across it. Mats should also be regularly cleaned or washed.

Protect carpet from crushing
Carpet protectors should be used under the legs of furniture. A carpet protector should always be used under any chair or furniture that moves on rollers or casters.

Use caution when moving heavy furniture
Sliding or wheeling heavy furniture across carpet can cause the carpet to buckle. To prevent this heavy cardboard or plywood can be placed over the carpet.

Vacuuming is the most important and effective step in caring for carpet. Studies show that that up to 79% of all carpet soil can be removed by vacuuming. Frequent vacuuming (1-2 times per week) will remove dry particulate soil before it can work its way below the surface of the carpet. Make sure to use enough vacuum passes to get all the soil up. Sometimes one or two passes are not enough.

Good quality machines
A good quality vacuum machine is important. They are not much more expensive than the cheap ones and will last for many years. A reputable vacuum cleaner shop can be very helpful in selecting one. The Carpet And Rug Institute also has a certification program for vacuums. For information on this you can see their web site at

Spotting Guide
Spotting is important to carpet appearance. With today’s stain resistant carpet many spots can be cleaned up with just water and a dry cloth. If spots do not come up with just water a spot remover must be used. We recommend you contact a professional for advice on choosing a spot cleaner.
Most spot cleaners that are purchased at grocery or department stores will leave soapy residue and can actually make the spot worse. Foam carpet cleaners should not be used and the same is true for other products not specifically designed for carpet.
Apply the spot cleaner to a white cloth and gently rub the spot causing it to transfer to the towel. Avoid putting the spotter directly on the carpet and vigorous rubbing. If the spot does not come out don’t continue to apply cleaner, instead contact us as soon as possible.